Finding the ideal workers for the expansion of your company is simple

We help them to recruit new specialists more quickly and easily on the highly competitive labor market. Without expensive job ads or headhunters.

How do we do it?

Through performance recruiting, we reach exactly the qualified professionals from their area who will apply to them and help their company grow.

Saving Time

Due to our prior qualification of applicants, you do not need to waste time with already unsuitable / unqualified personnel.

Wide Range

Due to the large selection of qualified candidates, you can choose the most suitable candidates for your company.

Faster Business Growth

Since recruiting employees via job advertisements is not only costly and unqualified, but also time-consuming, you lose valuable time and may even have to turn down orders due to your company's capacity utilization. To prevent this from happening in the future, we ensure a fast and plannable employee recruitment process.

Challenges due to shortage of skilled workers and solution to the problem

The greatest challenges posed by a shortage of skilled workers

Exceeded Capacities

Due to too few employees, new orders have to be rejected. This reduces the turnover.

Competitive Disadvantage

The previously known recruiting methods are not only quite expensive, but also quite time-consuming, which is why vacancies remain unfilled for months. This is because well-qualified specialists usually don't browse through newspapers and don't let themselves be poached by headhunters, which also makes the employee recruitment process significantly more expensive. In Germany, the supply of labor is usually higher than the actual number of skilled workers available.

Growth Halt

Many companies often have so many lucrative contracts that some of them have to be given to the competition.


If these three challenges mentioned above are not solved, their company will lack the necessary planning ability and their company will not be able to grow further.

Our solution to your problem.

Hire professionals in a 4 to 6 week period through performance recruiting. Social media and smartphones are perfect for recruiting because that’s where most of the time is spent, especially among younger people. Our performance recruiting strategy is based on this principle, that the optimal candidate target group is also addressed, whereby we recruit professionals from their region who are ready to change or looking for a job.

The best professionals are spoken for, but we reach them anyway. Good employees are already committed and have little interest in actively searching to possibly get a new job. Even though they are often dissatisfied, everything is open to them because skilled workers are always in demand. These people cannot be reached through the employment agency or newspapers and encouraged to change jobs. The old methods of employee recruitment, such as newspapers or job portals, only address the small part of the actively seeking professionals. Only the performance recruiting method is able to reach qualified professionals, whether actively or passively looking, and get them to apply within minutes.

Our Method

Analysis of your employee profile

We create a candidate profile tailored to your open position and highlight the advantages of your company for your applicants, thus highlighting your company as an attractive employer.

Target the right group

We reach the very people who are not yet actively looking for work by targeting them on the platforms where they spend the most time. This gives you an advantage over your competition, and also allows you to reach the most qualified people who are not actively looking for work.

Individual page applicant page

Due to the fact that most applicants do not have a resume ready, we minimize the applicant's time on the application page. Namely, by programming the page tailored to their open position and its requirements. The applicants have to go through a multi-step form that in the end only the qualified professionals remain.

Advantages of Performance Recruiting

Qualified Applicants

You only receive applications that specifically match the requirements profile of your position. This allows you to target a list of candidates that is tailored to your company.

Fast Results

For 70% of our clients the vacancy was filled in 5 weeks or less, by controlling the advertisements we ensure good performance.

Competitive Edge

You no longer have to turn down orders due to overloaded capacities and lack of employees. You are two steps ahead of your competitors, who still use the old methods of recruiting.

Advantages from our system

Reaching actively and passively seeking professionals.

Achieve quick results.

Shorter training periods.

We reach out to candidates on their favorite social media platforms.

Latent seeking professionals will be made aware of your open position..


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Frequently Asked Questions

No, we are not. We work directly for you and adapt our proven system directly to your company. So that you become visible as an attractive employer and within a few weeks receive numerous applications from qualified candidates who apply for a permanent position with you. We are not visible to the outside world for applicants.

We know this statement well. That’s why we offer our consultation completely free of charge and without obligation, because we know that this will be an eye-opener for many CEOs and HR managers. They will learn about our new and unique approach, show you some successful industry examples and explain exactly how it can work for you.

This is exactly what we specialize in. Most of our clients have between 10 and 100 employees. Even in smaller cities with a manageable number of inhabitants (less than 50,000 inhabitants within a radius of 30 km), we have been able to achieve just as good results as in larger cities.

Despite a shortage of skilled workers and a tense labor market situation, there are numerous skilled workers who are currently working at other companies but are not 100% satisfied there. This opens up the opportunity for us to use our online performance recruiting method to reach talents who are latently willing to change and who cannot be reached via all other recruiting models. We show these talents the possibilities in their company in a target group-oriented manner. In this way, we manage to transform dissatisfied employees into applicants who proactively contact you within 3 minutes.

No. We only work with companies where we have identified potential in a free consultation and where we are sure that we can really help.

Since customer results are our priority, we check at the beginning whether some essential basic requirements are present in your company. Especially in the first campaign, our customers usually still have some questions, which can best be clarified in a personal conversation.
You are the expert in your field and we are the experts in digital recruitment. They can benefit directly from our proven know-how and can continue to focus on their core business. As future recruiting partners, we support you in ensuring that the right professionals apply directly to you so that you can continue to grow as a company.

As soon as you contact us, an expert from our team will get in touch with you. Provided your company meets some basic requirements, we will show you during the consultation how Performance Recruiting can also work in your company. In our recruiting roadmap, we will show you how you can continuously receive applications from skilled employees and become visible as an employer brand. In this way, together we can solve the problem of the employee bottleneck, so that you can continue to grow as a company with good employees.
The consultation is completely free of charge and without obligation for you.

In total approx. 1 to 2 hours. Of this, approx. 15 minutes for the free consultation. If we recognize that we are a good match and you would like to work with us, an onboarding meeting of about 30 minutes will take place at the beginning of the cooperation. Here we will sharpen the criteria of the position to be filled and get to know you as an employer and your specifics. A short time later, before the campaign goes online, a 30-minute review meeting takes place, during which we present the advertising campaign and your individually created applicant page.
Then the campaign goes online and during this time there will be a short exchange with the responsible project manager about the progress of the campaign every 7-10 days. Of course, you take care of the interviews yourself.

In a period of 4 to 8 weeks, your vacancies should be filled.