Qualified B2B and B2C leads without expensive and unreliable ads or employee-dependent cold calling

With the help of an established AI-operated system, we can find and schedule target group-specific leads for you, be they suitable customers for a real estate purchase, investors or even managing directors of larger companies.
We reach out to them for you.

Companies we have worked with:

What do you rely on to schedule your appointments?


On Facebook and Instagram, the lead prices are extremely high (approx. €200 – €400 per qualified lead) and the values can vary greatly depending on the day or the season.


Referrals are very unpredictable and unreliable, don’t get us wrong, when that happens it’s awesome, it’s a gift, but how often does that happen? If things go well maybe once or twice a month, you can’t count on that.

Cold Calling

Cold calling doesn’t just require an employee, which is very costly when they do their job well. But he can always get sick or change his job. What will they do then? It takes a lot of time until they find a new suitable employee and train them.


After LinkedIn’s new update, you’re limited in how many connections and inmails you can send out, with 100 requests per week, that’s probably only 1-2 appointments, and that’s not certain either.

Organic Methods Like SEO And Content Marketing

It usually takes years for these methods to work, and what do you do in the meantime? Even once you rank well and get appointments, you can always be pushed away by someone else.

Social Selling

Social selling is extremely time consuming and just as unreliable as many of the previous methods. However, it is also important to note here that social selling is an art that very few people are capable of and succeeding in compared to the previous methods. You also need a very sophisticated social media campaign.

We guarantee:

2.5 Return on Invest

No long runtimes

2-4 Appointments per week

qualified decision-makers

Our advantages:

Qualified Leads

We always find exactly the right target group that fits your product/service, and we also always find the right decision-maker for this, so that the acquisition does not come to nothing.

Time Saving

You have no time investment except for our review calls, which take place at two-week intervals.

Planned And Ongoing

From now on, you won’t have to wake up every day sweaty and without sleep to see how your Facebook / Google / YouTube Ads performed, because we give a 2.5 ROI guarantee, which means even in the worst case scenario, you’ll still be profitable.


From now on, we care about making your campaigns run better. We test multiple email variants against each other and run only the best one to give our clients the best possible ROI.

New Market

Until now you have only used the typical acquisition channels, but we make sure that you also gain access to a completely different market, which was previously denied to you.

More Time For Yourself

From now on, you don’t have to worry about how your sales are doing every day because we’ll take care of it, you can just relax and sit back and watch your company’s sales increase.

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Our Roadmap:


We will make an appointment for consultation and then for strategy, in which we will also present you with a personalized strategy plan, for the acquisition of qualified leads.


We set up the campaign together and go through all the necessary points together, so that if there are any unanswered questions or criticisms, they can be addressed.


We optimize your campaign until the results are good enough that we think they can't be any better.


We scale up the already optimized campaign until your calendars are full.

We already have

100+ completed campaigns

Feel free to take a look at our services

Our team has years of experience helping companies like yours grow

Assert your sales advantage.

Innovative Hypothekenmakler

Wir betrachten die individuellen Finanzbedürfnisse jedes Kreditnehmers und versuchen, die beste Hypothek zu liefern, die seinen spezifischen Zielen entspricht. Wir liefern Ihnen eine Hypothek schneller, einfacher und günstiger als andere.

Frequently Asked Questions

We already have years of experience how to build such an email so that it also shows appropriate performance, in addition, we personalize our email so that for example name, first name, company, position or vacancy of the lead is mentioned. This already provides much more trust, in combination with a pretty professional copywriting and signature our emails almost always work without exception.


Of course, we cannot guarantee an exact ROI, as we are not part of the company and do not have access to the internal processes to change them. However, based on our customer experience, each of our previous customers has already exceeded their target.
We guarantee you a calculated ROI of 2.5 based on this calculation: appointments x 50% (closing rate) x customer value (average).


No. We only work with companies where we have identified potential in a free consultation and where we are sure that we can really help.


Since customer results are our priority, we check at the beginning whether some essential basic requirements are present in your company. Especially for the first campaign, our customers usually still have some questions, which can best be clarified in a personal conversation.
You are the expert for your field and we are the experts for lead generation. You can benefit directly from our proven know-how and can continue to focus on your core business. As future sales partners, we will support you in ensuring that you have fuller appointment books in the future.


As soon as you contact us, an expert from our team will get in touch with you. If your company meets some basic requirements, we will show you how our B2B lead generation system can work for your company. In our B2B roadmap, we will show you how our system can enable your company to generate 2-4 appointments a week on a consistent basis. With this we solve together the problem of the lead bottleneck, so that you can continue to grow as a company with good employees.
The consultation is completely free of charge and without obligation for you.

In total approx. 1 to 2 hours. Of this, approx. 15 minutes for the free consultation. If we see that we are a good fit and you would like to work with us, we will have an onboarding meeting of about 30 minutes at the beginning of the collaboration. Here we will discuss the structure of the campaign and what content we should use for it. In addition, we will arrange a review meeting every 7-14 days, in which we will look at how the campaign is running and explain a further procedure to optimize it. However, you will have to attend and complete the appointments yourself.